PACTEC is a hands-on partner that assists humanitarian nonprofit organizations and government agencies in reaching out to people in need worldwide. PACTEC has established a presence in Senegal by creating self-sustaining business centers under the direction of Senegalese citizens.

More than 3.6 million people live in crowded cities afflicted with chronic unemployment, socioeconomic disparity, juvenile delinquency, and drug addiction. Approximately 8.4 million people live in rural areas, where more than 60 percent of the population is unemployed.

In 2006, PACTEC began an outreach to the rural villages of Senegal by creating self-sustainable business centers called Community Access Points (CAPs), managed by locals.  Similar to an Internet café, CAPs provide computers, email and Internet access for a small fee.

The purpose of this project is to help Senegalese develop their own skills and provide them with a viable means to generate income. PACTEC selects the CAP center managers, and provides training in business management, information technology, and leadership. PACTEC maintains a revolving loan fund from which start-up loans can be granted to the CAP operators. As the loans are repaid, funds become available for other CAP projects.

In addition to CAPs, PACTEC provides communications, technical support and training for several humanitarian organizations operating in Senegal. PACTEC supplies high- speed Internet service to an outreach training center and recently installed a large telephone system in a new hospital in Thies.