In Afghanistan, roads and communications systems are slowly being rebuilt. However, with constant threats to security, land travel is not only onerous and difficult, but can delay or hinder the work of humanitarian volunteers. Lives can be lost along with medicines, supplies, and valuable goods.

Thousands cannot be reached without PACTEC air and communications services. More than 100 nongovernmental organizations, humanitarian groups, and agencies depend on PACTEC to help them accomplish their work. This is a great responsibility PACTEC continually endeavors to perform.

Aviation Services

The transportation situation within Afghanistan continues to be fraught with difficulties due to the terrain, the distances to be travelled, the weather and insecurity. While there are now a small number of domestic aviation companies serving the larger population centres, the more remote areas of the country continue to suffer, especially during the winter months. This situation severely impedes the ability of NGOs to meet the needs of the most isolated people of Afghanistan.

These difficulties can be summarised as:

  • Insecurity of road travel
  • Time efficiency of using air flights vs. road travel
  • Inaccessibility of remote areas, especially during winter

NOTE: Additional airstrips have been added—Sheberghan and Kret. Also note that “remote airstrips” are defined as any airstrip that does not have regular, reliable commercial service.


PACTEC communications systems help NGOs operate effectively and safely.

VSAT satellite Internet connectivity supports the efforts of humanitarian and Christian NGOs and hospitals, as well as those of relief and development agencies. The reliability and effectiveness of this communications lifeline greatly maximizes the work of NGOs in Afghanistan and enables them to increase their focus on remote projects—where needs are greatest.

PACTEC training also allows national staff to remain on the cutting edge of communications technology to meet the needs of remote villages.

Throughout Afghanistan, unique PACTEC services also include installing and maintaining computer LANs (local area networks) and assisting those without ready access to technical support. Through its VSAT installations, PACTEC enables email, voice and data transmission capability for NGOs, as well as relief and development programs.

Capacity Building & National Training

While it is true that we find ourselves involved in many day-to-day activities, our primary objective is to positively influence people’s lives, holistically. We endeavor to submit all strategies to this perspective.

More Information

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