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PACTEC has been working in close relationship with the Lao Civil Aviation Training Center since 2004. PACTEC’s goal is to assist in the development of aviation safety in Laos under the auspices of the Lao Department of Civil Aviation. We currently offer the following programs:

Aviation English Training

PACTEC has been teaching English to Lao pilots and air traffic controllers since 2004.

These classes are intended to help pilots and controllers meet the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (LPR) and reach at least ICAO Level 4. The content of the courses ranges from general English to technical English and aviation specific vocabulary and phraseology.

PACTEC has also designed, developed and administered a series of tests to assess the proficiency level of the Lao pilots and air traffic controllers.

The Aviation English Proficiency Test (AEPT) evaluates the oral and comprehension abilities of the examinee, in accordance with the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements.

Aviation Career Preparation Course

The CATC/PACTEC Aviation Career Preparation Course is designed to prepare students for various aviation related careers.

During this one-year course (750 hours of teaching) students improve their English level and are given a solid foundation in a broad range of aviation subjects.
Successful graduates are well equipped to enter a flight training program, a flight dispatcher course or an air traffic controller course.

Professional Pilot Program

The CATC / PACTEC Professional Pilot Program is an intensive three year program with an integrated approach to flight training emphasizing multi-crew coordination training and Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) standards.

Through college level courses, ground school courses, computer based training exercises and professional flight training CATC/PACTEC graduates emerge from the program fully qualified and prepared for the challenges and responsibilities associated with commercial flying.