PACTEC exists to relieve human suffering and develop people’s capacity to improve their conditions.

Providing expertise in aviation, communications, and learning technologies, PACTEC is a hands-on partner. PACTEC multiplies the effectiveness of other humanitarian organizations and government agencies by overcoming communications and transportation barriers. More than 200 nongovernment organizations, humanitarian organizations, and agencies depend on PACTEC to help them accomplish their work.

In countries where PACTEC serves, poverty and civil unrest are prevalent. Roads and communications systems are nearly nonexistent. Land travel is not only burdensome and painfully slow, but also dangerous, preventing or severely hindering the work of humanitarian workers. Consequently, lives can be lost along with medicines, supplies, and valuable goods. Miles from the nearest hospital, isolated by rugged terrain and impassable roads, thousands upon thousands cannot be reached without PACTEC air and communications services.