Tajikistan is 93% mountainous, as such, roads are difficult to maintain. Due to rock slides, avalanches and flash flooding, many communities are completely cut off for weeks or months at a time. Travel by land is not only difficult, slow, and dangerous at times, but can delay or hinder humanitarian, disaster response, and community development efforts. Elevation in this country ranges from 300M (980ft) to 7500M (24600ft).

Aviation Services

The transportation situation within Tajikistan continues to be fraught with difficulties due to the terrain, the lack of aviation infrastructure, and weather conditions. Domestic air service continues to decrease to the point that there is almost no consistent service within the country. This situation severely impedes tourism, medical travel, disaster response, and small business, as well as affecting the ability of NGOs to meet the needs of the most isolated people of Tajikistan.

These difficulties can be summarized as:

  • Difficulty and danger of road travel
  • Time efficiency of using air flights vs. road travel
  • Inaccessibility of remote areas, especially during winter

Capacity Building & National Training

While it is true that we find ourselves involved in many day-to-day activities, our primary objective is to positively influence people’s lives, holistically. We endeavor to submit all strategies to this perspective. We are working especially with a local air operator, assisting them in modernizing their operating procedures and training.

More Information

For more information or to make a booking you can contact us at tjk-reservations@pactec.net.